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How to Enroll

To enroll into a course of Kaypeeyes College, you must first apply for the course. This you do by completing a Kaypeeyes College Application form and returning it with all relevant details and the registration FEE to the college office.

If the college is able to accept you for the course you hav selected, you will be sent a letter of admission.

When to apply?

The Application forms for admission to UG and PG courses can be obtained from the College Office


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Admissions FAQ's

Application is the process of filling in all details in the application form with or without marks, choose the courses you want to apply and make the payment. Once you complete the payment, you will receive an Application form number for each course that you have applied. Application registration is a process where by you complete all the details including marks in the qualifying examination. On successful completion of application registration you will get an unique course registration number. Only registered applications will be considered for ranking and selection process.

For UG programs, the last date for making payment for application is tied to date of TamilNadu Higher Secondary Exam (TNSE) results announcement. You will have to complete application payment and registration within 3 days from the date of TNHSE results announcement for UG -SF programs and within 10 days from TNHSE results announcement for UG - Aided programs. Even though application payment and registration will be kept open until admission is open, your application will be considered as part of LATE application while generating the MERIT list. It is advised to complete registration as soon as you get the results. To avoid internet rush during the time of results announcements, we advise applicant to complete the payment before hand and just do registration after mark is obtained.

For PG programs, the deadline is 3 days' time from the date of Bharathiar University UG results (expected in June) to complete registration for PG-SF Programs and 10 days time from that date for PG-Aided programs.

Conditions of Admission

Students should read the following conditions of admission before signing the application forms.

  • Eligibility of Admission:A pass in standard XII with minimum marks subject to the conditions laid down by Bharathiar University
  • At the time of admission, the student should submit the following original certificates.
    • a. Marks Sheet ( X and XII)
    • b. Transfer Certificate
    • c. Conduct Certificate
    • d. Community Certificate (if Applicable)
    • e. Migration Certificate (if Applicable)
    • f. Eligibility Certificate (if Applicable)
  • Students are expected to attend all lectures, classes and complete tests and submit written work as required by the lectures and tutors.
  • The college reserves the right to expel a student if he/she does not fulfil the above requirements or for behavior, disruptive to the general conduct of the college.
  • In the event of withdrawal of a student for whatever reason, the following will apply.
    • a. Application for withdrawal must be made in writing.
    • b. The deposit is not refundable.
    • c. Where an application of withdrawal is received after the commencement of the course, there will be no refund.
  • All courses are Kaypeeyes Colleges are full-time.
  • All changes of address must be immediately notifies in writing to the admission office.
  • All applicants and students will be subject to the conditions stated herein and regulations provided in the students manual
  • False information on the application form may render the student liable to expulsion.

Admission Queries

For Admission related queries, Please contact:


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