Club Activities

Health Club
  • Organizes medical camp
  • Issues health cards
  • Provides first aid
  • Offers health awareness programme
Entrepreneurship Development Club

This club aims at inculcating entrepreneurship skills in students

Music Club

This club servs to kindle the interest of students who have a taste in playing musical instruments and in singing.

Dance Club

This club offers opportunities for students to learn various forms of Indian dance

Literary Club

This club offers opportunities for students to bring out their writing skills and dramatic talents competitions are conducted to improve the student’s skills.

Sports Club

Various avenues are opened to suit the need and interest of each individual.

Gardening Club

It includes in the students a love for nature. Students learn the art of gardening & nurturing of pants to create a clean green environment

Tamil Mandram

Organizes debates, elocution and essay writing competitions in tamil

Campus Camera

The photographic club kindles interest in the students to improve their visual and photographic talents.

The Fine Arts club

The Fine Arts Committee of the college is always vibrant with activities. Students interested in fine arts are identified as soon as they enter the portals of the college and they are motivated to perform well. The Fine Arts Club caters to those students who have an aptitude for music or other fine arts. Students are encouraged to participate in inter collegiate and other competition in fine arts. Students regularly participate in inter-collegiate and university level cultural meets, besides taking part in special day celebrations and in intra-mural competitions.

  • Develop and demonstrate skills in critical and analytical thinking through effective speaking, writing, and performing on topics in the fine arts.
  • Create, perform, and experience work in a variety of art forms with a high level of comprehension and appreciation.
  • To bring the latent talents of the students to lime – light.

Some of the events that were held under the fine arts club in recent past are:

  • Solo singing & Solo dance
  • Group singing & Group Dance
  • Facial Painting & Rangoli
  • Pencil Sketching & Paper Craft
  • Best out of waste & cooking without fire
  • Hair dressing & Fashion show


We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it. 

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