B.A. English Literature

Course Content

Literature is an expression in words, the thoughts, feelings or ideas about life and the world.

The literature department provides a deep understanding on how human character and emotions are influenced by the surroundings. This course equips an individual with the refinement in language which meets the demands of the contemporary world. This course is a three year academic programme comprising six semester.

Course Subjects

Prose, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Shakespeare, Indian Writing in English, American literature, Intensive study of an author, Indian literature in English Translation.

Allied Subjects

Literary Forms, Social Literacy History of England, History of English literature, Literary Criticism.

Application Oriented Studies

English for Mass Communication, Basic Journalism, English for Competitive Examination , Introduction to linguistics, Communication English


A student has many open avenues before him/her ,like Mass Communication, Journalism, Masters in Management Studies, Tourism etc.

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