Bachelor of Food science and Nutrition ( B.Sc.,)

Course Content

The department of Food science and nutrition was established during the year 2016.The department of Food science and nutrition offers a three year under-graduate course comprising six semesters. This department plays an important role in creating scientific thinking and ethical reasoning in the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of knowledge within the discipline of Food science and nutrition. Some of the important subjects covered are:

  • Food science
  • Food packaging
  • Food processing
  • Food preservation
Course Subjects Covered

Food science, chemistry of foods, human PHYSIOLOGY, principles of nutrition, nutrition in health, dietetics, food micro biology, post harvest technology, community nutrition, food service management, food preservation and process.

Allied Subjects

Chemistry and Bio chemistry

Higher Education and Placements

After completing students can M.Sc (Food science) Food science students have the opportunity to become Dietitians, nutritionists, researchers, CDPO officers and Directors,

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