M.A. English Language and Literature

Literature is a form of art. It is capable of bringing about differing emotions and general sense of spiritual well-being. The study of literature allows people to develop new ideas and ethical standpoints. Studying Literature can be an enriching & Eye –opening experience. Acknowledging the vital importance of literature, the development of English offers a master’s degree programme in English Language and Literature. This programme aims to expand and above all deepen the methods and knowledge acquired at the undergraduate level.

  • To make the students competent in the linguistics performance by focusing on skill acquisition through peer teaching – learning, Practical session and soft skills in the regular curriculum
  • To train the students in the methods and skills of independent academic work through projects, class reports, assignments, seminars and presentation of research papers.
  • To encourage students to make effective use of the internet for gaining knowledge by providing internet browsing facility in the department
  • To organize intellectually stimulating programmes, workshops, seminars and fests every academic year on various topics in English literature and communication.
  • To encourage students to take up projects, to do research and document the work in the form of departmental publication.
  • The English Association organizes various club activities such as reading club, Journalism, Movie club, etc.,
  • Seminars and workshops are conducted at regular intervals which help the students to get a deeper knowledge of various literatures.
  • The department plays an important role in conducting special classes in Remedial English and communication skills for students drawn from the various disciplines in the campus
  • Various certificate courses such as Business English, Functional English, Everyday English and Travel English are offered.
  • The department has planned for a state –of-the-art Language Lab to cater to the ever increasing demand for communicative skills coupled with perfect pronunciation.
  • Every year the club conducts various activites for the students such as elocution, dramatics, debates, quiz with the motive of improving their communication.

In the final semester each student works on a project as a part of the curriculum.


The Eligibility is a B.A Degree or any other degree with part –II English as a subject


An English post-graduate as a beginner can seek Employment in the following fields, mass Communication, Research Institutes, Government Agencies, Public Relation Sectors, Tourist Guides, Teachers, Asst.Professor etc. A whole new world has opened up to literature students in the IT sector and these include.

  • Content Writing
  • Language Editing
  • Industrial Designer
  • Research
  • Soft Skill Trainer

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