M.Com with Computer Application


M.Com (Computer Application ) is a post-graduation programme with four semester designed to provide students with a comprehensive and in depth understanding of the practical issues of accounting, financial instruments and computer applications. The curriculum is deigned to strike a balance between theory and practice; therefore, the programme provides both rigor as well as the practical aspects of training in fiancé to students. Major objectives of M.Com (Computer Applications) programme are as follows:

  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting and finance as expected by the industry and society in the changing environment
  • To provide students with an exposure to the practical business world through industry- situation interaction in the field of finance and accounting
  • To emphasize innovation and research in fiancé and accounting through minor and major research projects.
  • To nurture standards of professional excellence, integrity, honesty and fairness.
  • To attract industries and institutions of repute for campus recruitment to provide employment to every students to get placed in banks , IT sector and as programmers

M.Com (Computer Application) is a specialized postgraduate course in the field of commerce which is unique and demanding in the present business world. Due to the opening up of the economy, large scale national and multinational financial institutions and industries have been established. Therefore demand has been created in the business world for finance specialists/ executives. The study of computer application strengthens postgraduate’s employability in the areas of computer technology on both the corporate environment and government organizations. The courses structure and curriculum is designed in such a way that student of this course will have analytical and entrepreneurial abilities which is very much in demand on capital market and money market analysis and operations. The proposed M.Com. CA Course will provide ample opportunity for research and innovation in accounting and Finance which is really the need of the hour. The course is definitely on par with MBA, CA, CFA, ACS and other advanced finance courses.


In the second semester students have to undergo an Industrial / Institutional Training

In the final semester students will owkr on a main project with the help of guide


The Eligibility is a B.Com Degree or any other degree with part –II English as a subject


An M.Com C.A post graduates can seek employment in the following fields.

  • Banks
  • IT Sector
  • Industries
  • Teaching
  • Auditing
  • System Analyst
  • Marketing
  • Finance Manager

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